This is a blog for my senior project at Basha High in Arizona. I'm going to do volunteer work and write about it here on my blog.

Volunteer day with I-HELP

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I-HELP is an organisaion that provides food and shelter for homeless. This group that I was volunteer working with is a new one and they try to figure out how everything will work out with how many people that will come every other sunday and how much they should cook.

The people I was working with.
I've had two volunteer opportunities with I-HELP. The first time we had 16 homeless people that came in for food and shelter for the night. What I did was cleaning the tables, preparing lunch packages and putting things forward and serve the guests for dinner. This day we provided them with Chili, corn muffins, salad and pie. We got to sit down and talk to people and hear their stories. I met a man who'd been a commander in the Navy in Germany, he was very eager to tell his story and we also talked to two other women. Unfortunately, they didn't want me to take any pictures with them but I learned a great deal. After the dinner, we put out things they could bring for lunch the next day. They were also provided with showers and hygiene products.

Packing and preparing
This is how their lunch could look like
The other volunteer opportunity I had with this very nice group of people, we served the guests with pasta and meatballs + sauce, garlic bread, salad and cake. Unfortunately we only had two guests and no one to stay with them over night (like I said, it's a new group that have to figure some things out). We also provided them with lunch for the next day.



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I-HELP: Interfaith Homless Emergency Lodging Program  


  • I-Help, through the assistance of the faith community, provides lodging, food, comfort, hope and opportunity for homeless women in the community. 


  • I-Help, in collaboration with area congregations and non-profit organizations, will provide shelter, an evening meal and other supportive services such as case management, clothing and employment services to homeless.


- Provide shelter for homeless in your building

- Prepare a hot, nutritious evening meal.

- Sack lunches to nurture homeless for their next day.

- Transportation to and from the point of intake (Mesa CAN) to the host congregation.

- Linens for sleeping mats and towels for bathing for homeless.

- Soap, shampoo, lotion, antibacterial hand sanitizers, hygiene items for homeless single women.

- Counseling, mediation, advocacy for homeless


  • I-Help provides the first step toward a better future:

          - Starting with a safe place to sleep and an evening meal.


Contact for interest to help this organization:

La'Tresa Jester 1525 North Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 86205 (480) 396-3795


Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest

Lighting the Way...One Life at a TimeT




Another day of volunteer work - KaBOOM!

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Yesterday was my second day of voulteering. 
Started the day at 7.45, we got t-shirts, water bottles and a bandana! We also got brakfast before everything started. They devided us into groups, we were around 200 people there. My group put together different parts of the playground. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of nice people! By 14.30 was the playground done! It was amazing to see how so many people worked together and were able to buildt a whole playground in a couple of hours! 
The playground when it was done!
Men and my german hostsister!


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KaBOOM! say on their homepage:
"Our children are playing less than any previous generation, and this lack of play is causing them profound physical, intellectual, social, and emotional harm. Not enough playspaces are being built; those that exist are often in disrepair.
  • Kids are overscheduled
  • In their free time, many choose to stay indoors, lulled by television, computers and video games.
The Play Deficit is an important problem, and it is imperative that we solve it to ensure our children have long, healthy, and happy lives."
What they do:
Constructing innovative, kid-inspired playspaces, using a community-build model that improves the well-being of the children we serve as well as the neighborhoods in which they live. Sharing the knowledge and tools needed for anyone to find, improve, and/or build playgrounds on their own. Building a broad movement driven by research, analysis, policy, and community engagement.
In saving play, we are creating:
  • Healthier, happier, and smarter children
  • Greener cities
  • Better schools
  • Stronger neighborhoods
To date, KaBOOM! has built over 2,000 playgrounds, saving play for over 5.5 million children.
Visit their homepage! 

First day of volunteering - Habitat for humanity

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On saturday was my first volunteer occation. I had a lot to do since then, that's why this is a bit late.

We started the morning at 8. When we arrived to the house I had to sign some papers to be able to attend. I got questioned to get up on the roof, despite my fear of hights, I took a hammer, nail and a security helmet. I was working on the roof for a couple of hours and a nice blister on my thumb because I didn't wear gloves.

Around 11 was the lunch ready for us! It was really good and landed nicely in the belly after some working.

We worked for another couple of hours in the house since we finished the roof before lunch.

I had a great day with many happy and nice people! Habitat for humanity is amazing!

German hostsister and me
Hostsister and host gandma
Happy Volunteer 
How it looked like when we left


Habitat for Humanity!

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What is Habitat for Humanity?

  • It's a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that has helped to build over 500,000 decent, affordable houses and served 2.5 million people worldwide.
  • Their vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live.
  • Founded in 1976 by Millard Fuller and his wife, Linda. 

How are the families selected?

  • Families in need of decent shelter apply to local Habitat affiliates.
  • The affiliate’s family selection committee chooses homeowners based on their level of need, their willingness to become partners in the program and their ability to repay the loan.
  • Every affiliate follows a nondiscriminatory policy of family selection.
  • Neither race nor religion is a factor in choosing the families who receive Habitat houses.


How does Habitat work with the government?

  • They ask legislators and housing regulators to increase support for affordable homeownership and eliminate poverty housing.
  • They monitor public policies related to housing, community and international development.
  • They advocate policy choices that increase access to decent, affordable housing for people around the world.
  • They accept government funds as long as they have no conditions that would violate Habitat’s principles or limit its ability to proclaim its Christian identity.

How to become a volunteer?

Local Affiliates

Get Involved

Welcome to my blog!

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my first volunteer event is on saturday, I will put up more information about the organisation that I'm helping. Also pictures and maybe a video!

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