This is a blog for my senior project at Basha High in Arizona. I'm going to do volunteer work and write about it here on my blog.

First day of volunteering - Habitat for humanity

Publicerad 2012-11-07 04:27:03 i Allmänt, Habitat for Humanity,

On saturday was my first volunteer occation. I had a lot to do since then, that's why this is a bit late.

We started the morning at 8. When we arrived to the house I had to sign some papers to be able to attend. I got questioned to get up on the roof, despite my fear of hights, I took a hammer, nail and a security helmet. I was working on the roof for a couple of hours and a nice blister on my thumb because I didn't wear gloves.

Around 11 was the lunch ready for us! It was really good and landed nicely in the belly after some working.

We worked for another couple of hours in the house since we finished the roof before lunch.

I had a great day with many happy and nice people! Habitat for humanity is amazing!

German hostsister and me
Hostsister and host gandma
Happy Volunteer 
How it looked like when we left



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